What's covered by my homeowners policy? How much liability insurance do I need? What's the best way to take an inventory of my home?

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  • Flood Insurance: Rising Waters, Rising Costs

    According to the National Weather Service, 128 million people face an elevated risk of flooding in their communities in the spring of 2020. Learn about the National Flood Insurance Program — including coming changes to risk assessment models — and how flood mitigation measures might help protect your home and pay for themselves in the long run.

  • Telemedicine: The Virtual Doctor Will See You Now

    Proponents say telemedicine offers immediate access to many types of simple care while avoiding unnecessary and costly emergency room visits. Nearly nine out of 10 large employers offered telemedicine programs in their benefit packages in 2019, but many workers have not yet tried them.





  • Have You Checked Your Deductibles Lately?

    Having appropriate deductibles for your auto and homeowners policies could provide peace of mind — and might even save you some cold hard cash.

  • Holiday Hazards: Tips for Celebrating Safely

    The winter holidays are a festive time, but the combination of winter weather, parties, and flammable decorations can create dangerous situations. Consider these tips for a safer holiday season.


  • Winter Is Coming — Is Your Home Ready?

    Winter storms and cold weather caused more than $4 billion in property damage in 2018. This winterizing checklist could help protect your home and family.

  • Tips for Safer Driving on Wintry Roads

    Before you drive in challenging conditions this winter, be sure you have appropriate insurance and take precautions to help keep yourself and your passengers safe.


  • Earthquake Insurance: Will You Be Covered When the Big One Hits?

    Though California has experienced the most earthquake damage in recent history, 42 states are at risk for earthquakes. You may want to consider whether you have the appropriate supplemental earthquake coverage, based on your specific situation and the location of your property.

  • Licensing Laws Help Parents Protect Teen Drivers

    Every state has implemented three-stage graduated driver licensing (GDL) programs to provide drivers ages 15 to 17 with more practice and to discourage risky behavior. Make sure your teenager has appropriate training, and that both you and your teen understand the applicable rules, safety concerns, and insurance issues.


  • Back-to-College Insurance Needs

    If you have a student heading off to college, you may want to address these insurance needs before the beginning of the school year.

  • On the Road Again: RV Insurance Tips

    Whether you own an RV or are considering buying one, be sure you understand the insurance requirements and coverage options for your home on wheels.